UFOCopter MK 2

Date 3.7.05

Project: Second Test of UFO Copter MK II

Chosen location: Undisclosed

Weather Report: As of Friday July 1, 2005 12:44pm

Mean Temperature 15 °C -
Max Temperature 17 °C 18 °C 26 °C (2006)
Min Temperature 13 °C 11 °C 8 °C (2011)

Dew Point 14 °C
Average Humidity 93
Maximum Humidity 100
Minimum Humidity 77

Wind Speed 14 km/h ()
Max Wind Speed 24 km/h
Max Gust Speed -
Visibility 7.7 kilometers
Events Fog , Rain 

Measurements achieved

Tests were completed to achieve new personal altitude record for a propeller driven craft

Previous record: 0 ft

New Record: Noticable lift of 2mm


This prototype was tethered to an old transformer. It produced noticable lift at 4.7 volts. The motor used was a typical hobby motor and burned out after a short time. It suffered frequent shorts due to the wires touching each other. Despite this the craft noticably flew 2 mm off the ground.


Technological advances in 2015 have meant that the UFO copter in is current form is very outdated. The UFO Copter MK III will look at refining current helidrone technology and gimbal mechanics to produce a much improved altitude method. We are currently designing and testing early prototypes of this craft with a view to aim for a launch test in summer of 2015.

Team Members Present

Jon Bobbins